Rent to Own


Rent to Own Property Now Available

Trying to buy your first home in today’s market can be at the very least quite a hassle. You know what your dream home looks like or in which area you would like to live in, but the problem is right now is that you believe you can’t afford to buy that dream home of yours.

You are aware that throwing money away by renting is not the way to go. You hate paying off someone else’s mortgage but you feel you have no choice in the matter.

Our economy is changing. People are moving from employee positions to being either laid-off or to being self-employed, or starting their own business. While in the long run this is likely the best move to make in today’s uncertain time, it often also means that you may not qualify for a mortgage. You may have money to invest in your home in the form of a down payment, and have the right income to cover the monthly payments but the banks will not qualify you because you do not have the employment history that is necessary. Perhaps your credit background is not that ideal at the moment or perhaps you have had bad credit in the past and it is currently working against you. 

You then may want to consider RENT-TO-OWN as it is quickly becoming the buyer’s number one choice in Alberta as an alternative to the traditional way of buying a home. Trying to buy a home can be at the very least, very stressful and challenging for most potential homeowners. If you are faced with one or more of the following problems:

you are self-employed

your credit is not perfect in the past or at present

your bank says no to qualifying for a mortgage

you don’t have enough for down payment, maybe only a partial deposit

Cheer up now because none of the above situations should stop you from moving into a home that you will cherish. Rent-to-Own eliminates all of these problems, gets you into your home and lets you to begin building equity in real estate that you thought was not possible.