How to Invest With Us

A Joint Venture Partnership (or Common Ownership) has the potential for large returns on investment and allows our partners to own Real Estate without the stress or hassles.

The primary key to our success is buying Positive Cash Flow Real Estate in Alberta, only when the price and our detailed Due Diligence checklists fit our system.

Currently, we are focusing on both “Buy and Hold” rental properties and “Tenant-First” Rent-to-Own properties.

Buy and Hold

The Buy and Hold strategy is the key to long-term, sustainable wealth. Buying well and proactively managing properties has earned Dreamwest excellent returns even through the recession. These investments are currently available with both short and long time-frames because we will be well-positioned to sell properties within a few short years, or we could hold them through the following boom for even greater profits.

The Tenant-First

The Tenant-First Lease-Option strategy enables us to enter into a real estate deal with a pre-planned exit strategy and a buyer already in place in the property. The monthly cashflow and final sale price & date are set before the offer to purchase is signed. And since tenant-buyers are responsible for all repairs and upgrades, there will be no surprises, no “cash calls” and no hassles. You will know what and when your return will be before we even sign the Joint Venture Agreement.

The secondary key is working with investors like you.

This allows you to profit from our Real Estate knowledge, without having to take years to educate yourself and go through the time and trouble to learn through trial and error. This is a true win/win relationship, as we will only make money if you make money. It is in our best interest to help you succeed and make money with Real Estate.

The services that we provide as Real Estate Professionals are:


Property search


Preliminary screening using MLS information fed into a Real Estate Analysis Program (REAP)


Completing the “Due Diligence” process and paperwork to ensure the property fits our system


Arranging and attending inspections and appraisals


Arranging Financing


Dealing with realtors, lawyers, bankers, tenants, and tenant-buyers


Marketing (including advertising, web design, and sales) to attract tenant-buyers


Tenant-buyer screening and thorough qualification processes. This step is critical. Our clients go through an extensive screening process. In fact, only a very small percentage of inquiries results in an approved application.


Property management, including ensuring that tenant-buyers are able to qualify for bank financing at the end of the RTO term


Determining the right time to sell


Handling the eventual sale of the property

The services that you provide as an investor are:


Provide the down payment & closing costs

We co-own the property and split the profits. You provide the down payment (which you get back when we sell the property) and we do all of the work.

How can you take advantage of this fantastic opportunity?


The first step is to contact us to discuss your financial goals and your unique situation.

For instance, while you may not have cash in the bank, you could potentially use the equity in your home to create a profitable real estate portfolio. Every situation is different and we would like to help you find the solution that will put you on the road to financial freedom.


We welcome you to complete a Joint Venture Questionnaire to help us match your needs and expectations with the most suitable investment. Investment opportunities are currently available only to accredited investors and our associates (including family & friends). Please contact us and we will confirm your eligibility to participate in the next investment opportunity.